RIP Ladies Code EunB and RiSe and Hoping SoJung Recover Soon

When I read that Ladies Code was in accident and someone had actually passed away, I had chills for a long period of time. It’s not rare that people get into accidents but it seemed like it happened more often the last couple of years and this has to be the most tragic I heard since I was gained interested in the Kpop world. Even though, I love this group and admire them for their talent, I wasn’t familiar with all the members but at the same time being taken away at such a young age.

I read in an article that Eru(?) had sounded off through social media saying that companies and managers have to be more careful… something a long those lines. I feel that the more Korean Idols get popular the more schedules the companies try to jam which means more rushing. So I don’t think he said anything wrong and maybe it couldn’t have been avoided. My head is still conflicted by the whole situation. I know they are people too and things happen but it’s just unfortunate to hear about this event.

My condolences to the friends, family, fans, and the people that loved and cherished Ladies Codes EunB and RiSe along with other members that were affected.


Ladies Code
From Left to Right: SoJung, RiSe Ashley, EunB, Zuny)


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