Scarlet Heart Ryeo – KTOTS Drama Review

This is an older show that I did watch while it was airing but I still feel like it needs a review and it’s definitely a show to watch. You can check out quick thoughts on it here, along with some other shows I have watched around that time. **WARNING: THERE MAY BE SPOILERS**

I have a love-hate relationship with this drama. Not that I think it was horrible because it was good storyline wise, anesthetics and line up but the type of cliffhangers. Some of the story instances were so twisted that I want to throw something at my computer screen. Scarlet Heart is probably the only Historical type drama that I have watched lately and enjoyed it regardless of the frustration that it caused.

I think what lead me to watch this show was the amount of the actors and actresses in the show that I knew of. There were 7 princes and at least 6 out of 7 are very well know.  This show was starring: Lee Joon-Gi (Wang So), IU (Hae Su), Kang Ha-Neul (Wook Wang), Hong Jong-Hyun (Wang Yo), Nam Joo-Hyuk (Baek-A), EXO’s Baekhyun (Wang Eun), Ji Soo (Wang Jung), SNSD’s Seohyun (Woo Hee) and seriously a lot more. The actors did a great job portraying their characters. The one sticks out the most is Hong Jong-Hyun’s character, Wang Yo because I was only familiar with him from We Got Married and as person he seems more upbeat and bright. His character is basically the villain so his personality is a lot darker. Lee Joongi was amazing as Wang So. I really felt through the whole show he was being understood a lot but people keep testing him, so it’s understandable. Baekhyun’s character, Wang Eun, just seems like reflection of himself. It didn’t feel like he was acting at times just because he seems that playful on and off stage as part of EXO.  

The show was a whole roller coaster of emotions. I remember be angry at one moment, then sad, then confused and everything between. Also for a 20 episode show, it packed in a lot of fight scenes, absolute drama, and messed up scenarios that I hope didn’t happen in real life but probably did. Not to mention, the numerous heartbreak of different characters dying off.

I heard from others that the ending was loose and that there should have been more but I thought it was fine compared to other shows that have conspicuous endings. The way that it ended, didn’t leave you hanging from Hae Su’s side of it. She lived her life in that era and came back to present day. Apparently the Chinese version has two seasons where it continues from Hae Su coming back to the present day which would be cool if the Korean version can continue but overall I was quite satisfied with the ending. It would be a cherry on top if we see Wang So’s character in present day.

What was your thoughts on this show? Did this review remind you off your favourite parts or least favourite parts?

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