Sistar – Touch My Body

Sistar is back with a summer tone called, “Touch my Body”

I had mix feelings about this video. Over the video and song is very okay. If I like the song by itself, I like it. It has a very summery feel. The video matches the concept but there are certain things that just urks me.

1) What is up with the dance during the chorus. You know that one where they lift their leg awkwardly to the side and give their but a little shimmy. If that doesn’t make sense, one of the mark is at 1:00. I can deal with the one in the beginning and at 0:42. But that 1:00 mark, I was like, “what was that?”. I don’t think it’s too sexy, I think it’s just weird.

2) What Hyorin is wearing in her solo scene where she was in a kitchen. It hurt to look at that outfit and again with that weird dance!

I’m surprised they weren’t asked to change the dance. Especially with that butt shake, I really thought it would have needed to be changed.

After listening to the song over and over again, I really like the song. I will probably just be listening to the song though.

What did you think of Sistar’s comeback? How did you feel about that dance?

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