Songs That Give Me Major Feels

Hey Everyone! Here’s a new list.

This is a list of songs that give me straight up feels or gives me chills. This could be how emotional the song or the perfects notes, or just reminisce with me.

Let’s start this week’s list:

Shinee – Everybody
– This isn’t a slow song but when it comes to Taemin’s, Key’s Jonghyun’s and Onew’s high notes closer to the end of the song, it’s soooo on point. 

SM Ballad – Hot Times
– This song deserves the live version. I miss the old line-up of SM Ballad 🙁

Super Junior KRY – My Love, My Kiss

Vixx – Fantasy
– So theatrical and powerful!!! ^.^

Davichi – 내 옆에 그대인 걸 (Beside me)
– The first song I discovered by this group!

G. Soul – Excuses

BTS (Jimin) – Lies

AKMU – How People Move
– The Harmonies!!!!!!

Got7 – Prove It

BtoB – Is This The End? (긑난 건가요)
– The harmonies X2 ^.^

What songs hit the spot for you?

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