Strong Woman & Weightlifing Fairy – KTOTS Drama Review

Why has it has been so quiet with drama reviews? Because I keep watching them one after the other! There are too much goodies! For this review, I wanted to talk about both Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

I pick these two write together because the relationship and chemistry between the characters in these two shows were ABSOLUTELY amazing and considering the Weightlifting Fairy Couple are dating, it’s clearly no surprise. Also besides Do Bong Soon’s super strength, the shows were very relatable and realistic dramas when it comes to relationships.

Lee Sung Kyung’s acting skills never cease to amaze me because she has played so many different types of characters and has pulled them off very well. Cheese in the Trap was my favourite Sung Kyung role because she played crazy well. This character was supposed to be your average tom boyish person and not a slim girly girl figure and at the same time, you couldn’t help aww at her for her cuteness. The bantering between Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyung were done timely well for comedic moments.

Same goes for Strong Woman. I thought the chemistry between Hyungsik and Bo-Young was amazing. Bo Young can come off as tough and cute all the same time. Hyungsik’s reactions especially towards her were specially funny and cute. It made me wonder if it’s really his personality or close to it in real life.

I loved all the co-stars in Weightlifting Fairy because they worked well with main characters and played the best friend roles well. Joon Hyung’s ex or second lead wasn’t as hateable as most second leads. Normally the shows I watch, the second lead is so evil that I wanted something to happen them so that didn’t exist in the show anymore but Shi-Ho, I could understand how she turned out the way she did and it wasn’t really because of the boy.

In Strong Woman, the gang that was trying to go after Dong Soon was kind of annoying but they did have their funny moments. Kim Won Dae (in so many shows that I can’t count), he played two characters in this show. Part of the gang and an employee of Min Hyuk’s company and I found he was quite funny as the employee. Their bosses vengeance against Bong Soon was annoying after a point.

Strong Woman kept me on my toes more because the darker side of it was this kidnapper that was capturing woman based on a play he had saw. Bong Soon had messed with his plan so he kept going after her. The cleverness in this had me on my toes because you couldn’t tell what he was up to and you are just as much on an edge as the main characters are. Weightlifting Fairy, I felt was much lighter and focused more on relationships and college.

These are definitely shows that I recommend to others! Did you watch either of this shows? Which one is more of your favourite?

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