Super Junior – Mamacita

Super Junior is back after 2 years with Mamacita.


I just realized they didn’t promote the whole time Leeteuk was away. I guess they didn’t want to promote with out the leader ^.^ My expectations of Super Junior didn’t really fall short. I don’t know if it’s because I am aware that they have been in the industry for soooo long but they are GOOD. I feel that the newer video is using less box like non-concept and more concepts are being brought out. I felt that it was random with the western story line going what not but it was different which I loved. You get to see their quirky side plus their charismatic performance side in one video. The fact that SM finally decided to have some sort of story line made this a lot more enjoyable to watch because it wasn’t expected.

The song I found catchy and I was happy there wasn’t really any autotune (even though I knew they could sing)… THANK YOU! I could actually appreciate their vocal/rapping abilities. I found myself singing, “Hey! MAMACITA! 내가 아야야야야” a lot. I discovered that they pretty much all are capable of singing really well. Just the songs sometimes don’t do them any justice. The live version of this song made me fangirl throughout the whole performance. I love the K.R.Y line (well minus Yesung as he is still in the army). I was reminded of their amazing vocals even though it was short part – but plenty. I’m starting to love Kangin’s voice. I wasn’t really familiar with Kangin because he was in the army when I discovered Super Junior and I didn’t pay a hundred percent to who was who before Mr. Simple. My small complaint is, what is “Shut Your Tongue”? Not surprised by the Engrish but still.

The dance I like. I always seem to like. This one seems easy enough to learn. I find it weird but good at the same time, like the ayaya part and when they are spinning one hand above the other. weird but still seems fun and catchy.

By the way, I remembered hearing that Ryeowook went on Twitter and kind of blasted the fact that MBC banned lip-syncing. I think it was a right move because I just personally don’t like lip-syncing because I think that behind being able to perform, you should be able to sing well (I didn’t say great). I know that dancing and singing is hard thing to do and trust me I’ve tried and got winded in less than 30secs but when they are a group I am sure than can spit out a few words at time and still sound okay. ^.^. Either way, with that aside, I really think Super Junior does amazing without lip-syncing. Like I AMAZINGLY great which is why I’m in love with the live performance below.


What did you think of Super Junior’s Comeback now that Leeteuk is back?


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3 Thoughts to “Super Junior – Mamacita”

  1. Amy

    I haven’t been following Super Junior as thoroughly as other groups but this song has made me want to find out more about them. I think that their live performance was awesome. My only complaint, and it is a tiny one, is that the facial expressions were off in some parts but I understand they may have been concentrating extra hard. Their vocals were awesome and that is what matters.

    1. I didn’t really follow them much either but every time they came out with something I was impressed even though a lot of their songs are autotuned and in a box but when I watch the live performance I fall for them more. When they perform live and its not lip synced I appreciate it a lot more. Have you checked out their sub unit Super Junior KRY? They haven’t been active for awhile but It consists of their main vocal line. I think they are almost main reason why I like Super Junior.

      1. Amy

        No I haven’t! I’ll have to do that today. I’m the same way with live performances by the way. I’ll think that a group isn’t anything special, see a live performance then be like, “Ooooooh! I want more!”. Ha ha! It’s all a big snowball after that. Countless late nights. 🙂

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