T-ara – Sugar Free

T-ara is comes back after after 8 months with “Sugar Free”.

As much T-ara is not my top favourite group,  I have to admit that some of their songs are quite catchy and the EDM/dance music fits them well. So I don’t much to complain about the song or the video. I just wish I saw a bit more dancing just because the dancing is pretty cool. In the live version it better to see the dance. My favourite parts has to be the intro part from 0:07-0:30. Also from 2:59 – 3:13, I just love the dance and the beat behind. In the live version, Jiyeon does something different but it still looks very cool. The main point of the dance is very simply but it doesn’t look horribly boring at the same time.

Check out the live version below:


What did you think of T-ara’s comeback?

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