Toronto Kpop Con – Yay or Nay

Definitely a Yay.


Toronto’s First Kcon was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre May 2. I can only speak about what happened up until the Dream Stage since I was not able to attend the whole day.

There were some things that could have been better but as this is the first year, it was an amazing turn out.

I will start with some of the stuff that could have been better in my opinion (I think graduating from Music Business may have made some of these points something others would have thought of-_-)

  1. Vendors selling in the same room as the panel: I didn’t go to all the panels but it was highly distracting because the vendors would be on all 3 sides of the room and then the panel in the front. One vendor is particularly popular in Toronto so that area was a complete zoo and completely blocking other vendors. At times it would be hard to focus on the speakers.
    • Solution: Have the vendors in another room and if not, where they had the Meet and Greet could have possible worked to. (It was closer to the theatre where are the games were)
  2. They had the games/dance workshop in the underground level of the John Bassett theatre ( I don’t know what else I could call it) It wasn’t really large space so when it came to the dance part, it tended to get loud because of the small space.
    • Solution: Another room hands down or have them in between the panels as a intermission.
  3. This shouldn’t be a big deal but because there was an illness seminar going on literally in the middle of the venue and no lie it was the panel room and then a few a rooms next to the panel was a serious seminar and then further down the hall was another part of the Kpop Con. Throughout the day, you would have attendants from the seminar asking people to quiet down. Really… majority of the kpop fans could be hyperactive teens and they are trying to keep everyone quiet… no comment…
    • Solution: Maybe make sure the rooms are closer so that it won’s disrupt other seminars… I can’t think of anything other than even though that would probably not help.
  4. Waiting for the Dream Stage: They had people waiting in the same area as the games/dance stuff and as I mentioned it was small so imagine doubled the people. It was already hot as it is.
    • Solution: Help someone organized a line up even if it goes up the escalator (which wasn’t on to begin with) or choose another entrance like maybe the one upstairs from the theatre.

A lot of these may be biased based on events that I have been part of before or maybe its the audience I don’t understand so as I said these are the things I first thought of when I encountered it.


Now for the good things!!

  1. The turn out was AMAZING! Knowing that there was a great kpop following in Canada. This event along with the Unite the Mic and Epik’s High concert coming up solidified it. I also found out that they had buses from Ottawa and Montreal which works out great for the kpoppers out side of the city.
  2. The panels I went to I like. I unfortunately missed a good chunk of iDR’s panel but it was very cool to see his demos turn into some of our favs today! Hearing Henry’s brother talk about Henry from normal view point rather than the idol we see him as. Critical Kpop was also interesting and was a panel that actually made you think.
  3. It was great to see other vendors. I’m biased. I’m only aware of Sarah and Tom’s shop so this gave me a chance to venture and look at other stuff. Also some of the vendors were korean clubs at Universities. It kind of made me regret not joining the one on my campus… if the college students were allowed. I did find out UofT is open to outside people so I might check that out ^.^ I also got to learn more about the Korean Film Festival which was something I had wanted to look into.
  4. The location: Even though there is a crap load of construction going on Downtown Toronto. It was held in an area where I think is accessible from any part of transportation.
  5. The meet and greet was pretty cool… I didn’t linger too long but I did see people I did recognize.
  6. Despite the size of the area, the dance workshops were fun for me because of how much I love it. I didn’t stay for all of Girl’s Generation Catch Me if You Can because it was really packed but I am sure I have a good chunk of EXO’s Call Me Baby.
  7. Overall event being that it’s Toronto’s first ^.^


Check out their website: to see more of what events took place since I was able to be in more places at once.

Can’t wait to see what they have in store next year and hopefully I will be able to make it for the WHOLE day! OOO and maybe there will be some Korean snacks 😀

Did you go to Kcon? What are your thoughts?

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