Trying Something New ^.^


I wanted to try to incorporate videos into my blogs because I felt like I wasn’t expressing a lot of what I felt about the stuff that I was posting. How I react to things in person is different then how I write so I figured to try this out.

For now, the videos will be unlisted from YouTube and only viewable from here just to see how see how comfortable I get with the camera and how well I can edit on Windows Media Player (since everyone knows how “great” of a program it is -_-)

I had briefly talked about new releases that I could remember off the top of my head. I mentioned Jun.K, 2PM, NCT, Red Velvet, Black Pink. I also ca’t believe that I forgot about I.O.I’s Whatta Man either! There were a lot of good releases this summer so it’s hard to keep up. Also, when I recorded this video my iPod was going haywire but now it is fixed! GLORY! No more crappy mp3 player!

I also mentioned finishing watching W, Uncontrollably Fond, & Doctors. Train to Busan as well. I also forgot to mention Let’s Fight Ghost. Also, when I was recording this, I hadn’t finished Cinderella & the Four Knights but now tis done and it was very good and cute for my liking. I loved the lead female.

I am watching We Got Married… it’s taking awhile and I have to get caught up. Hit the Stage is amazing but I wish they subtitles came out faster. The season is done and I am still on the 3rd last competition!

Let me know what you think of this format down below in the comments!

I have filmed video for GOt7’s Hard Carry and Zhoumi ( I know this one is old but I have the post ready so might as well) so look out for those soon!!!


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