U-kiss – Quit Playing

The minute this song came out I knew it was going to get banned one way or another. U-kiss came out with quite a risque video for their song, “Quit Playing” which also features their newest maknae (youngest member), Jun.

I don’t mind the video at all but when you watch how many K-pop videos and follow up on K-pop news that you find a trend in how things end up getting banned. I’m from Canada so this doesn’t really bug me. It was somewhat of shock but only because every time U-kiss comes out with new music, it usually tops that one before it showing how much they have grown. I also find it a bit confusing because they were a lot different scenes, everyone kind of has their own scene, and everyone was just trying to feel on someone… I don’t know… but i just didn’t find it interesting.

I think any song suits them. They have done different types of pop, dance, and RnB over their Korean and Japanese promotions. The only thing about this song that bugs me is that this is the maknae’s debut and his part didn’t not stand out to me. When AJ and Hoon debuted with 0330. I was happy because I felt that Aj was strong at rapping and Hoon had amazing vocals so it wasn’t a complete waste that they were added to the group. I couldn’t tell if Jun was a rapper and/or singer. I could guess both because that’s what Dongho did. It wasn’t until I watched the comeback stage where they did Love Again, I did notice he could sing. Maybe the song is too mature so they didn’t give him much parts.

The dancing is alright, or at least what you can see of it. There was nothing that really stood out.

This song is simple, “meh” for me. I fully support Ukiss though as I see them continuously growing up from their cutesy Aegyeo stage to their currently manly stage. I just think that if a group member leaves at least get some that is as old as the rest of the group!

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