Update (2/12/2015): Unite the Mic – San E, Ailee, and Jay Park – Are You Going?

UPDATE (2/12/2015): The goal from 2000 to 1000 for Toronto!! We are currently at 712 and with 5 days left!! Check out the campaign.



I am hands down excited for this concert. To see San E, Jay Park AND Ailee on the same stage,  I would drop a lot things for, so I really hope this concert goes on.  I also like the concept of how this concert works. For those that don’t know what Krowdpop is, it’s basically a kickstarter but done more socially and minusing the video where they convince you to pay money. You can vote for your favourite kpop artists to perform in your home city. You can set up a “campaign” to help get the votes up. When it hits a 100% then the concert gets organized and tickets start being on sale. Here’s the catch though, in order for the concert to actually be put on, the ticket sales have to hit its goal by a certain date. – to read more about it check out KROWDPOP HERE.

My problem, right off the bat, 2000 is kind of a lot for Toronto also considering that there is Kcon coming up in May as well as a mystery event that Kpop Me is also holding in April. Oh and you can’t forget Pop Goes the World’s 3 Year birthday bash so I guess a lot of fans would be conflicted as to where they should spend their money.

These are the standings for the cities that have reached the social vote goal as 9:50AM Tuesday:

  • Toronto: 657
  • Instabul: 75
  • New York: 130
  • San Francisco: 422
  • Dallas: 178
  • Las Vegas: 54

And we have 7 days left! I would have thought New York would have a high amount as well so I am surprised. So if you are in any of there areas… (Let’s go Toronto!!!!), try to get your tickets soon!

Are you going? If not, any other Kpop events? Let me know down in the comments below!

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