Update & Thanks for the Liebster Award Nomination, Yinka!

I know I have been MIA with posts lately but I plan to draft up some posts very soon and go on a posting spree. I have been quite busy with birthdays this month as well as my own…-_- both parents are also born in September. I am pretty much done with my ultimate love… food T-T

I also hope to start posting about Kdramas and artist reviews soon. Man… I have a lot to write and get caught up on…..

Anyways, I got nominated for this Libster Award Nomination from my bestie at Healthy & Relaxed, Yinka A.



11 Facts  about me

  1. I am ambidextrous, more dominantly right handed but can’t use it for certain tasks like brushing my teeth 😛 and I feel I eat more with my left hand than my right… my mom says I’m defective lollllll
  2. I’m a major chocoholic. I do have my limits though… I don’t like mint chocolate and I saw somewhere where they but chocolate on chicken…. HUGE NO NO
  3. I’m a social butterfly but I like smaller get-togethers and being by myself A LOT better. I have days and days where I don’t want to associate with people at all. I rather stay home in my bed and watch dramas all day. ^.^
  4. I’m learning Korean just because I like it. Level 2 starting soon 🙂
  5. I got into this whole korean (or asian thing rather… it’s starting to branch out) in 2008 but it wasn’t really until 2010 where I met someone who completely exposed me to everything she could. Now I am ahead of her.
  6. I love writing even though I haven’t been writing as much as I used like in high school (trying to change that).
  7. People seem interested when I say that I did Music Business Management in college… like I didn Office Admin too and that doesn’t seem to get noticed 😛 I liked it but Canadian music industry is soooo small…
  8. I was born in Montreal but no where near fluent in French. Though I do want to pick it up again
  9. I’m a workaholic… can be a good or a bad thing. I have two jobs and I feel like I still need to do more :-/
  10. Huge music fan even though I don’t really like what is Top40 right now. I will stick to my Kpop, JPop, Cpop, 90s-early 00s music, ol school reggae and YouTube. I feel old when I think that the newer music is just noise to me.
  11. I can dance 🙂 I mean actual choreography. I can learn pretty quick too.


These were some of the questions that she has asked. For someone that has known me for probably 10 years, she should know I take absolutely crappy care of my hair. So these answers should be interesting to answer or hard to answer.


  1. What is your #1 hair tip? —I’m trying to take my own advice right now. If your hair is relaxed, pay attention to it and take care of it. I had nice hair pass my shoulders and now because I don’t take care of it, it got shorter and has broken is some places.
  2. What is your favourite colour? — I have three… Red, Blue, Black 
  3. What is your #1 hair regret? — Not taking care of my hair. I tend to be very lazy and think I don’t have time even though I should make the time.
  4. Are you relaxed, natural, or texlaxed? — I don’t even know… I think natural right now because I have been just braiding my hair for the last 8 months without putting chemicals. So for now, yes natural.
  5. How long is your hair currently? — Last time, I checked it was still slightly pass than my shoulders.
  6. Ice cream or cake? — CAKE! I love ice cream too but I can’t eat to much of it. Damn you lactose.
  7. What is your favourite protective style? — Braids…. I hope that counts.
  8. Favourite type of shoe?  — Boots… any kind really that I can walk in. Sneakers…. tom boy much ;P
  9. Any hidden talents? — No idea maybe the ability to pick up how to use computer software really quick even though technology hates me….
  10. What is your least favourite part of your hair regimen? — Taking out my braids… my mom never helps me and I have a lot of hair :-S
  11. Celebrity hair crush? — No idea -_-. Yinka isn’t a celeb but I say her because I give her props for the patience she has doing her hair. It’s paying off 😀


I will be changing up some of the questions because I don’t have many hair bloggers.

  1. Who got you into Kpop? (family, friend, etc.)
  2. Who was your first bias?
  3. Who is your favourite blogger?
  4. How long have you been exposed to the Kpop world?
  5. What was your first K-drama?
  6. What did you listen to before being exposed to Kpop?
  7. Favourite type of shoes?
  8. Sweet tooth?
  9. Hidden talents?
  10. Favourite Korean reality show?
  11. What do you like about Kpop?


I nominate:

Pop Goes My Soeul | HallyuNoona | KStar | PopGoesMySeoul |

Not following much bloggers… yet.


Stay tuned for a lot of posts coming you way in the next few weeks!!!


See Ya!


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