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Vixx just keeps coming out with creepier and creepier stuff. They are back in their newest single as Cyborgs.

I have to say, I think VIXX is the king of dark concepts. Despite their wacky personality on variety shows, every time I see their music videos, I am staring at the computer screen in awe. The cyborg concept fits with the idea of the song. I haven’t look up the English subtitles yet but I think some thought was put into coming up with this. As usual some of the clothing were questionable. Like Ravi’s hat…. I was kind of creeped out when I saw their heads on cyborg bodies. So the special effects were well done.

The song I liked. It’s not my usual style but it always ends up being very catchy especially the chorus. I do always feel that the songs will be predictable as to who will sing which parts. I guess if something works then go with it because I haven’t found a song from them that I absolutely didn’t like. Hyuk is getting better and I also didn’t expect Hongbin have such a low part but it sounded cool all together.

I like the dance. It incorporated the Cyborg idea. It reminded me of Terminator when they did the running in the chorus. There were other sections like the end when they were “unplugging” themselves. The beginning when Leo is singing and I guess  you can say its a charge station or his armor… not sure but I could it had to be related to the concept. Same with N’s part, etc.

This doesn’t rate on the creepy and violent level as Voodoo doll but I think it was definitely a strong comeback.


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