VIXX – Eternity

Vixx is back! I could do my happy dance!! This came back with their new song called, “Eternity”.


I have read some places that this song’s concept is not a dark one compared to Voodoo Doll, Hyde and Ready to Get Hurt Again but I think it’s still “dark” to extent due to that it’s not really a happy type of song and the dark set. If they changed anything, I would say this video does not have a “fantasy” concept which even in this video, their awesomeness is still showcased.

The dance is amazing! There are some groups rely on synchronization but the fact that Vixx choreography is so unique and differs from each of the members, it makes it that much more fun to watch. You are eyes are constantly all over the screen to see which member is doing what. Especially, if you are attempting to learn the dance it makes it more fun to figure which member you should follow. Ken’s move at 0:27 reminded me of Voodoo Doll for some reason. I guess how they made the transition still surprises me ^.^ I loved the chorus routine and of course, at 1:38, what girl wouldn’t swoon at body rolls! The dance was not lacking one bit!

When I listened to the like the first 30secs of the song, I wondered if I would like it. Electronic beats and me tend to have to grow onto each other before I start having interest. Also since having listening to most of their songs, not that many have this strong of a electronic beat. Needless to say, after that 30secs, I was singing, humming, and dancing along with the song. I saw some comments on YouTube where viewers thought that Leo didn’t get that many lines. I took me a minute to realized he was singing the chorus along with Ken. It is kind of difficult because N is the front and sing along as well but if you are able to recognize their voice, you will know very well who is singing well.

The music video as a whole I liked it. You can’t go wrong with Vixx in suits. They always look great! The concept of being with someone and then realize that they are not actually there and then they get all upset, isn’t anything new but I also ways like seeing different twists to that. I like the set with the clocks and the gears above them. I thought it was a cool CG effect.

Dance Version:

Dance Practice:

Bonus: Vixx teaches the main points of their dance in Eternity.

Did you enjoy the video?

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