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Another reason I feel like I haven’t been on top of dramas is because I basically binge-watched quite a few web dramas.

The Miracle is one of the idol web dramas with Dong Hyun(?) from Boyfriend, Na Hyun from Sonamoo and Yoon Hwa. It was like those twin movies or Freaky Friday where some weird magical thing happens and they switch bodies. It was good quick watch and it didn’t feel as rushed as some web dramas could be.

I was getting caught up on videos from certain YouTubers and Kennie JD mentioned some web dramas that she was watching on Youtube. So I checked out KOK TV and 72 seconds. On KOK TV, I took a liking to Crushes Season 1 to 3 because that show was basically showing what it’s like where people have crushes on others and the timing not working, or the feelings are not the same etc. Each season I swear, it’s some sort of love square. Out of all, Season Three seems to be my favourite because I enjoyed the characters a lot more. Banana Actually on 72 seconds was actually more of a mature drama… a lot more kissing… probably more than needed but it was still interesting. The way it was shot was what I think brought me in because I believe the first season is mostly a voice over of the actor/actress expressing their thoughts over their actions…basically like their thought process. It was just interesting to watch. Also again, was about relationships. This YouTube Channel though, doesn’t have subtitles for all their shows. These were the ones that I watched that had them because my Korean is still horrible.  

Love Playlist Global was something that started on Facebook and I literally JUST discovered the videos on Youtube. I got into the first show Love Playlist which each episode would show you each character’s point a view. You can see the triangles and the one sided loves. I hope they have a season two because it ended off with a guy that wasn’t really in the story liking a main character. The intro part was also always cute because each episode that focused on a specific character had their own CD/playlist hence Love Playlist. They have recently started a new show called Seventeen. Which looks like they are older but talking about when they were seventeen. It hasn’t completed yet, so I guess I will have a better idea when it’s complete.


Do you watch any Web Dramas? What has been your favourite so far?

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