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So I had no idea what to call this because it isn’t a drama and it’s not really an artist review. I just watched the last episode of RealGot7 which can be found on JYP Entertainment’s YouTube page. I will also post the video below.

First off, I was really sad that “season one” is done. I thought this would have been an ongoing web series but who knows? Crossing my fingers for a season two because this was definitely interesting to watch. I didn’t get bored with any of the episodes. I think with Real 2pm, I kind of fell off that wagon but with Got7, every time I saw a post on Facebook or on my YouTube Subscription list about the next episode, it was always automatically clicked.

Whether I can narrow it down to which episodes were enjoyable… that would be impossible. Pretty much all the group members have highly outgoing personalities that no matter what they do, they can bring a smile on your face!

Some of the things that I remember off the top of my head:

  • The top most craziest member in all episodes: Jackson. There is not one episode where isn’t doing or saying something funny so it would be difficult to list every single thing.
  • Jackson and JB’s screaming war in episode 3 makes me die with laughter til this day.
  • The hidden camera episode… all though I knew that it was fake, I still felt bad for Yugyeom.
  • The last episode was amazing in general. Put these guys in a playground and you will be entertained for the whole 25 minutes.

If added everything that I enjoyed in this show, most of it would consist of funny parts by mostly, Jackson and then JB 😀

Watch the episodes above and see for yourself. If you like idols being loud and crazy and just love to seem them have fun this is definitely it. It has been put into a playlist format just for your viewing. Let me know what you think of them!

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