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So if you have seen my artist review post on VIXX, you probably know that I had just discovered them back in January 2014 and I have been hooked ever since. I had been trying to watch behind the scene shows just because they are so entertaining. Vixx TV is a series that is on VIXX’s YouTube channel that releases every couple of weeks or so. I believe it is still on going but if you were to watch it, I would start now.  Last time I checked (May 4), they had a total of 96 videos. The videos are on average 5 mins but I could go through them quicker if I didn’t work. I think it took me about a month or two to go through them on and off. This basically started after they debuted until now, so you can really see how the grew as a group and individually which is absolutely what I love about the series!

Some of my favourites (Can’t list everything because either I can’t remember and/or it will be a long list) :

  • Something that I could watch over and over: Ken’s Version of On and On (Musical Version) and Rap Imitation
  • Ravi and N’s laugh in basically ALL the videos… I don’t know.. their laugh is interesting and I think they laugh the most.
  • Leo is gradually talking more and if not he is singing at some point 🙂
  • Hongbin’s death stare towards Ravi in both Hongbin’s and Hyuk’s Q&A videos (ep. 89 and 90)

After continuously thinking about what I should list next, I have concluded that there are indeed to many to list so I will leave it at that and hope that you watch it for yourself.

Notes about watching these videos:

  1. The playlist order is backwards and isn’t also up to date. So I would watch the first episode and find the next one manually
  2. Episode 14 is posted as private… have no idea why…
  3. They have that stupidly annoying high pitch tone at the beginning of the videos and sometimes Ravi, N, and Ken add on to that so I suggest turning down your volume when you start a new video!
  4. Prepare to laugh A LOT!

UPDATE 06/03/14: Vixx TV aired its 100th episode on May 27th which was also the ending of the mini series. I hope that with this ending that there will be something else in the works because their crazy personalities will be missed on YouTube 🙂

What do you think of this series? What is your favourite moments?

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