What?!?! Jessica is being dropped from Girl’s Generation?!?!

So this post is a bit sudden considering I haven’t really done a post in a couple of weeks (…probably more) but it the next post will explain and give you a heads up on what is to come.

DISCLAIMER: I am not well versed on the situation nor have I had read much about this situation. This is just an opinion based on what I see at first glance because face it, it’s at first glance that people do jump to conclusions.

Soooooo back to what this post is really about, this whole Jessica and SM Entertainment thing. I felt like I had to write about it because I feel that some weird stuff is going on with this company and it’s disregard for some of their artists own well being. I support Jessica on starting her own fashion business. I can’t imagine everyone in the world having one dream and sticking to that one dream for the rest of their lives especially if they started at very young. They discover new things and what to explore.

Number one thing that bugs me. How SM deals with certain matters. Also, as I list them don’t get upset because I do really love these groups it just the company I am more directing this too. Also, if it was a collective agreement between the group members… well it should be known because from a fan stand point they look like they are getting screwed over.

  1. SM allows f(X) Sulli goes on hiatus from the entertainment due to stress related stuff having to deal with media… okay… but to completely cancel a promotion just because a member is missing? They only do comebacks once a year and I am sure they only had a week or two left of promotions for Red Light. SHINee had members missing from their performances due to accidents and injuries and what not and that never stopped them from still performing as a group. Same with other groups in the industry such as Vixx, BAP, Super Junior, etc.
  2. Super Junior’s Siwon was allowed to do his acting career on top of comebacks. He would be in the music video, first comeback stages he would be there for 5 minutes and then you don’t see him on stage, and then all of a sudden no more Siwon for the rest of the promotions.
  3. EXO’s Kris wanted to try other things but apparently wasn’t allowed to. Also, they seemed to be overworked at the time too.
  4. I’m pretty sure there has to be more.

In general, I don’t think there is consistency. For a company that has worked with this girl group for years, I thought a little more communication and understanding would be displayed. This should have been a main point to discuss when renewing the contract. If Jessica strongly felt like she wanted to do both. She should have the option for some hiatus time. Like U-kiss’ AJ gets to go to school while the group continues with their career.

No one said anything about her leaving SM Entertainment but I believe that if it was actually sudden then there is going to still be some blood between her and the company.

The only other weird hiatus thing that bugs me is Wonder Girls. I wonder if JYP is actually not going to have a group promotions with Sunye away for almost 5 years. But who knows right?

I found this other view on this: http://rapmonstas.co.vu/post/98788629189/okay-im-going-to-share-my-sincere-opinion-on-this

I agree on this too but it goes back to if this was a sudden “we cant deal, you’re out kind of thing” it can still be harsh. But let her thing if she does want to pursue this career 100%.

Let me know what you think about the situation or your thoughts on the Korean Entertainment companies! I really want to hear your opinion about this. I don’t know everything!


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