Yenny (HA:TFELT) – Ain’t Nobody

Yenny made her solo debut under the name of HA:TFELT with “Ain’t Nobody”

This has to probably be the most emotion provoking thing I have watched (besides Michelle Lee’s song, Without You).  It completely different that what other kpop idols would put out. Her whole album had a dark dreary feeling to it which I loved. This was also the first time I saw contemporary dance used. (Or at least in the songs I have seen. I’ve been only listening to Kpop for the last 4-5 years and with my bad memory there could be a chance that this concept has been done…. but I doubt it.)

When looking at the lyrics for this song, it made a hundred percent sense to me and it flowed nicely. The song’s tempo goes back and forth between a slow and fast tempo which kept me on edge. I also rarely hear female idols sing in such a low range. I was really surprised. This also made me appreciate her more as an artist because the vocals are amazing and even more amazing live. I’m happy she apparently stood up to JYP when choosing the songs for the album because it worked for her.

The music video was cool. There was nothing that really stood out to me about the set and where they filmed. All that it fit the mood of the song. Also how she used the space for her dancing.

The dancing…..OMG… I rushed through the music video part so I can talk about it. The CONTEMPORARY!! I rarely see it in full form for 100% of the song in any Kpop idol video. I actually felt the emotion and passion in it. I saw the first live stage she had for this song and she was able to pull it off there too. Where she is dancing in the road though, I really wish that was a set because I could imagine the amount of scraps and bruises from pulling that dance off. It’s been a month and I am slightly still in shock.

Check out the live performance that I thought was amazing below:


Love Love Love

What did you think of Ha:tfelt’s debut? Where you impressed like me?


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